2 Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is associated with these functions:

  • reproduction
  • healthy sexuality
  • creativity
  • productivity
  • pleasure
  • joy
  • empathy


Produce!  Create!  Procreate! 

As humans, it is part of our nature to procreate.  The entire list of bullet points can be seen as the story of procreation.  Joy and pleasure surrounds each stage of procreation, parenting and providing. Our productivity each day is inspired by the need to provide for the family we produce.  

But the second chakra energy is not limited to building families. When we cook, bake, or garden, we are creating. Any time we take raw materials, and transform them into something new we are using our creative energy in a way that satisfies our need to produce.  

  • having children
  • producing food
  • building a home
  • making a product


Many Issues:  

Today we are taught a new story about procreation.  We are told that procreation is not enough to satisfy our need to be productive.  We are told that the more educated and intelligent we are the fewer children we will bring into this world.  We are told that we should look for satisfaction at our jobs rather than in our homes. Is this true?

The new facts show that food, shelter, clothing, child care and other basic needs are provided faster, cheaper and more efficiently by corporations.  Does that mean it is archaic to do these tasks for ourselves?  If the things that bring true satisfaction are done for us and the children that once brought satisfaction to mankind are greatly reduced, can we find true and lasting satisfaction?

Do you notice certain things you do can fulfill this need for creativity and productivity?

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  1. Yes, sometimes I make origami and other paper projects, I play music on my guitar, and I’m trying to learn how to use modeling software. Sometimes making dinner for my family fulfills my creative needs because it produces something everyone can benefit from.

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