5 – Families

SOCIAL WELL-BEING : How We Treat Others.


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What would it take for you as a new member of a team to feel like you belong?

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  1. There would have to be teaching moments and bonding moments, times when they’d work and times when they’d play cards or something. If I were to join a team, I’d want to be welcome there even if I couldn’t contribute much at first. When I was younger I joined an expensive water ski club that had been putting on shows for years. I wanted to learn how to ski, but I rarely had opportunities to learn because the performers were always practicing. I could’ve been a cool part of their show, but I was not being welcomed nor taught. I was always left sitting around since no one on the team felt it was their role to welcome or teach newcomers.

    A good team would have to make everyone responsible for welcoming and teaching so that no one is left behind and no one feels alone.

  2. The team would need love. If you and your team were working on a project, sure your team would need cooperation. Love, on the other hand, offers acceptance. It’s one thing to be in a team who work with each other, but it’s another thing to have the team make each other feel they have a purpose and belong. That’s a great feeling. Another thing that comes with love is safety, that’s the best part. It would take love from a team to make you feel you instantly belong there because you feel safe, have a purpose, and you are accepted.

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