5 Throat Chakra

The 5th chakra is associated with expressing yourself:

  • Communication, verbal
  • Communication, non-verbal
  • Expressing your truth, to speak out
  • Connection with intuitive abilities
  • Verbalizing and Projecting ideas and blueprints into reality
  • Communicating your vocation, purpose


Communication is essential to emotional well-being and for healing relationships. Without open, honest expression of our wants, desires and needs, relationships soon falter and fail.

We must learn to express ourselves fully and authentically. When we communicate authentically, masks come down and we meet each other outside our facades. We learn how to hear beyond the harsh tone or volume of the voice our partner uses, to perceive the underlying pain.

When we listen with love and understanding it will benefit all relationships: lovers, children, family and friends. 



The quality of communication has declined during the last century as is evident in literature, plays, news, TV and movies. Today, assertiveness is often valued higher than kind words or integrity.  As a culture we often see far more confrontation and open disrespect than in times past.  When we are exposed to abusive and critical communication it impacts our own quality of communication.  

Lies, mixed messages, verbal abuse, constant yelling, excessive criticism can cause your throat chakra to be blocked, making it difficult to speak or share your true feelings properly.  In response you might send too much or too little energy to your throat.  

Too much energy causes the voice to be forceful, scratchy and intimidating.  

Too little energy causes the voice to be weak and wishy washy.

The heart chakra might have issues that also influence the amount of energy you send to your throat.


Have you noticed that you send too much or too little energy to your throat when you are challenged?

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