Ability Fest

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International Water Ski and Wake Board  Federation (IWSKF)

Disabled World




The Issues

How can we make your day more magical today?

How can we participate in helping you be the best version of yourself?

With varying degrees of ability in all of us, both the able-bodies and the disabled, integration and acceptance is our focus.

Let's build the proto-type utopian community of tomorrow!

Go ahead and set intentions that go beyond what are in place at the present time.

Accessibility and Integration

Through compassionate design, we can ensure that every person has accessibility and inclusion in the society around them. Because of aging and disabilities, we are aware that 25% of the general population would benefit intuitive design that facilitates integration, accessibility integration to bring all people together. Everyone has a disability of one sort or another. We all have weaknesses and strengths. The focus must be to encourage and help each individual to be the best version of themselves.

The Vision

Get out into nature and have an adaptive adventure!

Adaptive Activities:

horse therapy



team sports

track and field

stick ice curling

adaptive snow skiing

special olympics





sled hockey

wheel chair sports

adaptive water skiing

beach wheel chairs

reverse inclusion