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Hub: “the center” or “the gathering place”

Om: “meditation” or “enlightenment”

Hub-Om has many meanings and will mean different things to different people, but for us it means global transformation.

Many organizations use the the acronym “AM” meaning “America”, but members of Hub-Om will be from many countries around the world working together towards the betterment of humankind around the world.

Thus the acronym “OM” stands for “Of Mankind” rather than any country over another.




Using time bank software we give credit where credit is due.

cropped-LOGO.jpgHub-Om maintains seven generic requests that are very basic things that people already do.  These requests create the “Hub-Om Support System”.  Each request asks you to voluntarily make the world a better place.  Then you say to yourself, “I did!  I volunteered with all my heart! I volunteered 8 hours this week!”  So you click on the request that fits closest to the work you offered and you get credit for your 8 hours.

When participants catch the vision, they will understand that the more that they “take credit for”, the more credit they have to give away.  When they approach a community member with the idea that they have time credits to spend, and ask if this community member would be willing to take them as payment, we begin to create meaningful exchanges that do not require money.  If there are hard costs involved in the exchange, these costs can be covered with traditional currency or other barter or trade that satisfies both parties.  Having a new kind of currency to spend will take some of the financial stress off of the family unit that is often crushed under the weight of debt and the cost of living.  People will suddenly have a new sense of control over their lives as they gather at Hub-Om.com and “take credit” for the good they do.

The significance of this is staggering when we begin to think of those in third world nations who could benefit from a means to exchange with Americans without the need for money.  They can participate in workshops or get certifications that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.  They can pay for counseling or coaching with time credits that could significantly improve their life situations.

Hub: A center or gathering place.

Om: The syllable that signifies mindfulness.

Like “google” or “yahoo”, we hope this made up word will become a household name in making the world a better place.



We offer workshops that address the systemic breakdown of the seven main social components that make up our society.

  • The Economy

  • The Health Care System

  • The Education System

  • The Religious Institutions

  • The Family Unit

  • The Government

  • The Non-Profits

These social institutions do much good, yet have many systemic issues that require intelligent solutions.  The Team at Hub-Om gathers and collects solutions for these seven social components as we are introduced to them and we post them on “Hub-Om Offers.”  This collection of workshops, programs, collaborations and events can be paid for partially with time credits plus some hard costs for materials or expenses.



All our workshops, certifications, programs and goals are based on the Human Energy Scale.

The Human Energy Scale provides a visual way to understand how to measure human energy and how to become the highest version of ourselves.

We believe that there is a pathway to ultimate health and happiness and it begins with a shift of consciousness away from the falsehoods of today’s competitive society towards a mindset of cooperation and community. This shift takes a new look at the defeatest doctrine of “survival of the fittest” that traps us in “crushing the competition” and replaces them with the abundance mentality, sharing and universal prosperity.

We believe that personal transformation leads to global transformation.

This means that what we do as an individual impacts the whole society.

This means that if we can reach individuals one at a time it will lead to global transformation automatically.

Founded by Teré Foster

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