Career Well-Being


What we do with our time is our career.  It has nothing to do with a paycheck.  People who report having a sense of "career well-being" had these four factors in place every time.  

Whether we get paid or not, Career Well-Being is based upon these factors:

  • 1- What we do has meaning.
  • 2- What we do uses our strengths.
  • 3- What we do gives us something to look forward to.
  • 4- What we do involves friends and family who share a common mission.

We want more than "a job."  We want more than "a career." We want to combine our jobs, our careers, our gifts and our life purpose into one opportunity to serve humanity.  Those who had a best friend at work reported greater "career well-being." People with greater "career well-being" are more productive and perform better at their jobs.  


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Do you agree that career well-being is based upon these bullet points?  Which one is your favorite and why? Can you think of one more?

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  1. I do agree that career well-being is based upon these bullet points. I don’t have a career yet, but I do have a job mowing lawns. I believe my job meets the bullet points. It has meaning because the outcome of my job is nice looking lawns that are neatly cut, which makes me feel great. My job uses my strength and effort mowing lawns, making me feel fit and accomplished. my I look forward to doing my job. Right now I’m doing all the lawn work in my family, but what could make my job even better would be to have my brother helping me out.

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