Send us a link to your profile on facebook, linkedin, google+ or your own website that outlines your ideas, comments, pictures, or designs.  There might be an opportunity for a link exchange.  Send info to:



We offer workshops for each of the seven topics that we consider to be seven "levels" on the Human Energy Scale. Each workshop incudes digital materials that you can print and use as worksheets and planners. Some include healthy recipes or natural remedies. Some include soul searching questions to answer for spiritual cleansing. Some include community layout planning that may lead to the building of an intentional community one day in the future.  The fee for the workshops are paid with Time Credits through Hub-Om Time Bank and with money when there are hard costs such as printed materials, food items or travel expenses.



Our online meetings are recorded and added to our growing list of videos and podcasts on We enjoy spirited discussions that lead to greater understanding. We believe that we must build communities from the inside out before we can build them on land from the ground up.



Only Hub-Om members can participate in our discussions.  Please join Hub-Om and enjoy enlightened conversations with people who care about what you have to say while maintaining the integrity of their own ideals and priorities.  



We encourage you to submit a proposal to be a PRESENTER in one of our collaborations.  If you are selected, the recording of your presentation will be added to our collection.  Submit your proposal to

Hub-Om Requests

Conduct a Local Think Tank

As you embark on any project or endeavor there are many hours of conversation and planning involved. We request that you do this and reward you as you do.  Go to Hub-Om Time Bank and "take credit" for each one of these hours and use the credits where they will do the most good to support your project or you personally.


Organize an online collaboration with others who are interested in your ideas.

Pay those who assist you with your planning and collaborations using Time Credits. Or encourage them to "take credit" for participating by going to Hub-Om Requests.


Organize a HUB-OM TEDx in your local area.

Put a Hub-Om spin on your own TEDx event by paying everyone involved with Time Credits.


Hold Workshops

Charge Time Credits for your webinars or workshops.  Do this by going to your Hub-Om account and making an offer for a 1-hour webinar with a brief description.  As people attend your webinar, they will pay with time credits.





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