Emotional Well-Being


Emotional intelligence starts from within the human heart.  The heart generates an intelligence that is more powerful than the brain.  This intelligence is expressed as:

  • Kind Communication
  • Self Awareness
  • Confidence and Resilience
  • Strong Relationships
  • Sound Decision-Making Processes
  • Effective Leadership
  • Successful Families


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Which one of bullet points is most important to you?
Can you think of one more?

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  1. The most important point to me is “Kind communication”. At home I can see a huge difference between the way my family communicates and the way others my age communicate. Outside my home I’m exposed to hateful words and cussing. I monitor what I say. I notice that people around me don’t have as much control over their words as I do. A bullet point I would add is “Self-control” because I’ve seen people my age experience more stress, frustration, and impatience over seemingly small things.

  2. “Successful families” are most important to me. I believe after the worst day of your life, your family should always be there to comfort you. Successful families are also important for maintaining peace in the household, knowing what to do when a family member is angry or depressed. When I go home after being confronted and bullied at school, I feel much better knowing my family loves and cares for me.

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