LIFTING THE WORLDAbout My Energy Scale

  • You have heard the phrase "good vibes" or "bad vibes"?
  • Others can feel your "vibes" or energy frequencies.
  • You are effecting the world around you.
  • We have created an ENERGY SCALE for you to measure your energy.
  • The higher your energy the greater your well-being.
  • The lower your energy the more suffering you will endure..


Energy Scale
My Energy Scale 

is divided into

four quarters :

  • Solving All Suffering
  • Causing No Suffering
  • Suffering 
  • Causing Suffering

(See the blue arrow. )


How to Use My Energy Scale

  • The purpose of the Energy Scale is to identify where you are right now and then to
    learn to elevate.
  • Anything below zero will drain energy from yourself and others.
  • When you lift your own energy, it lifts those around you with a ripple effect ("vibe") that can be felt globally.
  • This is not figurative but is measurable energy that can be felt by others.
  • The more people on earth that are elevating their own energy levels, the more happiness is possible for all mankind.  Together we can lift the world!
  • Our first goal for this program is to elevate above zero on the Energy Scale.
  • The object is to have positive energy flowing IN and OUT.
  • When you join 3D Health Club we have simple methods of elevating energy that work fast with long-lasting results using the expanded version of the Energy Scale found on the back side.



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The Energy Scale