Family Support

Loss of the Family Unit

The family unit has been described as the building blocks of the community.  Our world is only as strong as our building blocks.  For this reason it is a great concern when we see that 3 our of 4 families break up, the equivalent of a building made of bricks that are crumbling.  The values of the family that once held the family unit together have eroded since the 1950's creating a generational cycle of divorce and despair.  The elders of the family, the grandparent and great grand parent,  is no longer there with a strong hand and wise advice.  Elders who might have once been able to offer a loan to get the family through a crisis in a by-gone era are instead barely above poverty level.  Elders of the family have often experienced the same losses that their children and grandchildren are now experiencing of divorce and despair and have little to offer the rising generation in a crisis.  


Loss of the Neighborhood

Many of the ills of society result from too great an emphasis on individualism and too weak a commitment to the neighborhood.  Participation in the neighborhood will reduce alienation and allow neighbors to belong and contribute to the community (Bellah 1996).

Membership is not necessarily decreasing, but rather shifting from traditional voluntary organizations to new types of groups. A rise in support groups and specialized hobby groups demonstrates that these have become a poor substitute for traditional neighborhoods and the loose connections that define them (Wuthnow 1998).

The rise in support groups and hobby groups also provide a clear indication that people crave community.  Humans, like flocks and herds, are pre-programmed to live in families and communities.  Without these unifying mechanisms we  feel alone in a crowd.  Loneliness is a growing concern in today's society.


Loss of Community

We see in old movies how there was a time when families would gather for a "barn raising" and have it done in one day!  Then have a party in the barn at the end of the day and dance the night away!  This was a by-gone era that has given way to a new kind of society where we are not free to ask our community for this kind of help unless we have a 501c3 and all the government regulations that go with it.  Too many wonderful ideas fall by the wayside as the process of organization becomes too cumbersome for the individual to make something great happen. 


Hub-Om Community

We offer this website as a possible solution for many of today's social ills.  Individuals can now find a place to "plug in" to something larger than themselves for that sense of connection and purpose that is so vital for human health and well-being.

Care-Giver Support








The Vision :

Time Credits for Family Support

Random Acts of Kindness

Be there. Be there for struggling families.

Be there during common crises with a quick and effective support solution.

Create a Hub-Om Community in your local area by becoming "your brothers keeper."

What are the most stressful moments in a family's life?

  • Loss of a loved one.
  • Relocation
  • Loss of employment.
  • Having a baby. 
  • Having a baby out of wedlock.
  • Loss of a suitable dwelling place. 
  • Divorce
  • Teen Troubles
  • Temporary Loss of child care.
  • Temporary Loss of Ability

Do we really need to rely on government programs to take care of our own family members, neighbors and friends?  What can we offer each other for support during these specific yet universally human moments in life?  


  • Loss of a loved one - offer a meal like they did in times past.
  • Relocation - help pack or unpack, help load or unload the truck.
  • Loss of employment - offer meaningful opportunities that will improve the situation!
  • Having a baby - offer a meal, bring booties or a blanket, offer housekeeping or childcare
  • Having a baby out of wedlock - offer childcare, meaningful employment
  • Divorce - offer friendship, childcare, tend and befriend
  • Broken Homes - help children become the best version of themselves through mentoring, tutoring and acts of kindness
  • Teen Troubles - offer meaningful employment, mentoring, training
  • Temporary Loss of child care - offer temporary childcare
  • Temporary Loss of Ability - bring meals, offer rides, offer to shop for their immediate needs



The Nest

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Non-Violent Communication

non-violent communication