Hub-Om Annual Summit


Spend a weekend with the conscious community.

Objectives for this workshop:

-Plan and expand the Annual Summit.
-Train for hands on participation in the Annual Summit as a speaker, performer or vip planner.

-Hold think tanks for projects.p> 


Join with others who are conscious and aware!

We can start online with the planning and designing of a better tomorrow. Through workshops and online skype collaborations we can find our voice in building the future. Let's establish and strengthen the long-term relationships that will one day become an intentional community and develop into a utopian society. It all starts online first, by creating a profile and stating your ideals. When we have strong relationships we can gather together for an annual summit to meet face to face and further strengthen these connections.


Summit will include:

Motivational Speakers
World Peace Activists

Also needed:
Workshop Sales
Directors for each of the seven pillars.


A handful of people can change the world!



Find your voice!

Help us plan.

Make this history-changing event take shape.

Bring your inspirational ideas and experiences to support the slow and steady shift towards a Utopian Society.

Annual Utopian Summit


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