Human Energy Projects


There is a new kind of leader rising with fresh ideas, higher energy and fantastic solutions to halt the progression of the systemic destruction of planet earth and her inhabitants. You are probably one of those leaders is you find yourself on this page.  

If you are doing ANYTHING to support the reform or restructuring of these seven sectors towards a utopian society we support you!  Whether you offer personal assistance to a friend or organize a world-wide campaign, we want to reward you for your good work by giving you time credits for your hours of service.  When you spend these credits, you pass on Hub-Om prosperity to others around the world or in your local area, creating an atmosphere of giving that will guide us towards the larger vision of a functional Utopian Society with abundance for all, world peace and a restored earth.

Human Energy Concert 1a6: HUMANITY - Lift the world!

LOCAL ISSUE: Communities have drifted apart into lone individuals instead of united in power.
GLOBAL ISSUE: Communities are weakened by their lack of compassionate leadership.
REQUEST: Please create community projects, organize Ted Talks, offer programs that bring people together. 
OFFER: Attend our Human Energy Concerts and pay for your admission in time credits.


7: HUMANITY - Humanitarian Outreach

LOCAL ISSUE: Those who would love to be humanitarians, but are often trapped in "survival mode."
GLOBAL ISSUE: World war, world hunger, homelessness, poverty, inequality, illiteracy run rampant.
REQUEST: Collect time credits for the work you do to help the organizations around the world that help humanity. 
OFFER: Join the Human Energy Project to expand your vision, transform your world view and utilize your giftedness.  Pay for personal coaching in part with time credits.



3D Kids Club5: FAMILY - The Family Unit

LOCAL ISSUE: Three out of four families divorce creating a generational pattern of divorce and despair.
GLOBAL ISSUE: Children are born into poverty with no hope without intervention from those who care.
REQUEST: Please offer counseling, teaching, coaching, education or anything you can to support families. 
OFFER: Join 3D Kids Club and take the workshops for Compassionate Leadership using time credits.

HUMAN ENERGY4: SPIRIT - Spiritual Development

LOCAL ISSUE: Religions are divided demonstrating a lack of spiritual understanding.
GLOBAL ISSUE: Religions are at war with each other using force instead of compassionate influence.
REQUEST: Please help teach the Human Energy Scale and change the world one person at a time.
OFFER: Learn more about the Human Energy Scale and reach for ultimate well-being.  Pay in part with time credits. Challenge3: MIND - MEDIA / ENTERTAINMENT

LOCAL ISSUE: The industry doesn't always provide the news and entertainment that we need for planetary well-being.
GLOBAL ISSUE: The media could be a force for organizing world transformation but chooses not to be.
REQUEST: Please help us share the vision of transformation in all seven sectors.
OFFER: Watch TV.Hub-Om instead of cable TV or other forms of entertainment.  Free.

2: BODY - Health Care

LOCAL ISSUE: Americans are slowly poisoned by the food supply chain, addicted to medications, forced into a sedentary lifestyle.
GLOBAL ISSUE:  Many don't have enough to eat or clean sources of water.  The earth is being systematically poisoned by world industry.
REQUEST: Please help in any way you can to teach, treat or lead people to regain and maintain their health and the health of the planet.
OFFER: Take our Vegan workshops online and pay in part with time credits.

hub-om icon1: SURVIVAL - The Economy

LOCAL ISSUE: Americans are trapped into slavery working unsatisfying jobs, making just enough to survive.
GLOBAL ISSUE: The world economy creates an artificial barrier of money between food/supplies and basic human needs.
REQUEST: Please help individuals in any way you can to get the things they need for basic survival so they can rise higher on the Human Energy Scale.  Hub-Om will pay you in time credits for all you do for others.
OFFERS: Use as the "hub" of international time banks, barter and trade websites and other new currencies.  Help build the new economy that is not dependent upon the present economy.