Intentional Communities


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Purchase the "phone book" of all the intentional communities in the world.  You will find thousands of communities listed by state, by country, and by type of community.  Read the descriptions and contact the community leaders.  You might just find a match for your own vision for the perfect community lifestyle.   


When intentional communities are choosing people to live in their community, your completed workshops will let them know how prepared and how committed your are to preparing for community living.  Your Hub-Om Account and the comments you post also help intentional community leaders get to know you better.

When you consider that an intentional community may offer you an all-expense-paid life in exchange for the benefits you bring to their community, Hub-Om credits may be as valuable as college credits!

Intentional Communities are springing up all over the world.  They are groups of people with a common vision who choose to live together in an intentional way that will work towards their common vision.  IC.Org caught the vision for intentional communities decades ago and has blazed a trail for others to follow.  They have a website that lists every intentional community around the world with an in depth description of their community vision.  With this comprehensive database you can search by location, by type or many other details to find a community that is right for you.  

This quiet, yet organized exit from today's economy creates a new, decentralized economy one community at a time.  The vision of each community is influenced by their values, their religion, their lifestyle preferences, their food preferences, their financial preferences and many more details.  These preferences are different for each community. This video invites you to take an online course about the vision that is shared at Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village.  Their vision is one that we at Hub-Om are very happy to support.  They have reduced their carbon usage to about 10% of the average American while still living happy and fulfilling lives.  

Watch the video and maybe even go on to take the webinar they offer.  This will give you much needed awareness while also supporting their cause and providing them with the income they need to expand their influence.

More videos like this one. 

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