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Artists, inventors, innovators and other creators must have support in order to offer the community their strengths.  The power of creation in any form can uplift and lead the community into greater well-being.  The empowerment center will provide the technology, machinery and marketing savvy to take an idea from start to finish.  The staff in the empowerment center will have the exciting job of developing people who have ideas.  The development process will have the objective of unlocking the potential within each individual to improve the lives of the members of the community and the world.

Conscious Creators

  • We believe we have found some of the brightest youtube minds alive today.
  • We chose videos that would lay the foundation for well-being on all 7 levels.
  • We chose youtube videos that demonstrate the cutting edge thinking around the world.
  • Get ready to blow your minds.
  • Post comments below each video and get the discussion going!

Project Planning

Our projects are by invitation only.  We invite people to join our ventures after they have earned the role of "contributor" and have attended our workshops.

We invite people who

  1. participate in the Discussion
  2. participate in Workshops

Each workshop provides the table where we can bring all the pieces together of a larger vision to set goals and unite efforts.

7-Day Challenge:

Turn off the TV

Shift Your Perspective

  • We promise that if you make it through the 7-day challenge you will never be the same.
  • As you watch each video keep an open mind and an open heart and form your own ideals.
  • Gather your friends and loved ones to watch them together.



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How can a robot replace a conscious creator?

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