"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.  
I hope some day you'll join us.  Then the world can live as one." - John Lennon

We set aside 7 days each quarter to meet with the conscious community for meditation and group intention set on the well-being of the planet.  During the 7 days we enjoy workshops that provide opportunities for collaborations.   Workshops allow attendees  to suggest action steps and provide input.  The foundation of the success of the collective vision is to have significant alignment and resonance with the steps.  Our workshops are designed to foster the necessary alignment to unify the conscious community into one unstoppable force for Global Well-Being. 

Online coaching and collaborations can never replace meeting in person.  Retreats solidify new partners strengthens the bond with old friends.  We like to think of our retreats as "the table" where the pieces can be sorted and fit together.  Relationships will be forged and alliances will be built.  Money will be made.  We are looking for gifted, talented and high-energy people who are able to assist in making the retreats have the greatest lasting transformation on those who attend.  If you would like to bring your gifts to the retreat just let us know.  We can find a place for whatever you have to offer.  Our synergies will bring in the much needed capital for the remaining steps to Global Well-Being.


7 Levels of Well-Being

Global Well-Being Retreats offer Well-Being Workshops for all seven levels of well-being.  The end result will be a very high subjective assessment of one's own well-being.  Well-being and its many essential elements have been researched in great depth in recent years.  The results are conclusive that a sense of well-being is multi-dimensional. These concepts must be taught and each person must implement them if they truly want to experience lasting well-being on all 7 levels.

A Scouting Process


Global Well-Being Retreats serve as a sorting process to identify those who are truly interested in the vision, ready for leadership positions, or needing more teaching and training. 

By participating in the discussion at the bottom of every page, you will become more aware of the overall goals of the retreat, to see if they resonate with your own goals and life purpose. 

You will have an opportunity to see where your gifts and talents best fit into the larger vision.

The ultimate goal of this sorting process is to create the freedom of a high-energy, productive collaboration between people with no limiting thoughts or beliefs.

How big can you dream?  What limits your dreams?  

A Work Table

Erector Set 2

Like an erector  set, we gather the pieces of Global Well-Being and arrange them on the table where we can see them all in one view.

As we collect more and more pieces with exciting shapes and sizes, each one adds new possibilities.

Global Well-Being Retreats are a very simple opportunity to bring individual pieces of the erector set together to create a functional and powerful system.  

There are many effective organizations around the world, each with their special purpose, building their portion of of the greater vision. They may or may not see the need to link to a larger vision.  They may function perfectly without linking in with others at all.  However, we believe that oneness has many advantages.


A Collaborator's Hub


Thoughts, beliefs, values and doctrine often separate relationships, but common goals bring them back together.  

Global Well-Being Retreat is a gathering place for spiritual pioneers who are more focused on solutions than doctrines.

Each workshop provides the table where we can bring all the pieces together of a larger vision to set goals and unite efforts.  

We gather those who are compelled to re-direct our focus towards health and healing. Others want to stop the systematic destruction of planet earth and those who live on it.  Still others dream of world peace.  

Most people in the conscious community can see the wisdom of gathering and unifying the established organizations and projects around the world.  

Unifying efforts will offer strength in numbers as well as crucial sharing of knowledge and resources.  

Oneness is the only logical choice, especially for those who haven't yet found the perfect direction to focus their gifts.


What are some of the benefits of gathering together?

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