Social Well-Being


The sense of social well-being comes from working together for the common good. 

Key Factors in Social Well-Being

(These are based upon the gallop polls.)

  • 6 hours a day of direct and frequent social contact
  • Many relationships of varied focus
  • Being part of a unified team
  • Working side-by-side with a best friend
  • Support for your life purpose
    (we added this one)


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Do you agree that these bullet points are key factors in Social Well-Being?  Which one is your favorite and why? Can you think of another one?

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  1. I agree with these points because they are focused around others instead of self. My favorite point is “Many relationships of varied focus” because it’s an interesting idea I never thought about. I have varied relationships but I didn’t realize that they are a part of well-being. A bullet point I might add would be “Forgiving of others” because there’s times when people I hang around say or do something inconsiderate or offensive. I have to realize that they probably meant to say something else and it was just a mistake.

  2. I do agree that these bullet points are key factors in Social Well-Being. After being mistreated and put down by my own friends at school, I became depressed and antisocial. If I followed the bullet points, I would feel much better about myself and have more friends. My favorite bullet point is “Working Side by Side With a Best Friend.” I’ve gotten the habit of working alone, but working with a friend is much better. When a friend and I work together, we get more work done and cooperate with each other while being social. An additional bullet point would be “Good Body Language.” I love having a conversation with a friend who smiles and shows he’s listening.

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