63 is a number of:

  • humanitarianism 
  • family
  • idealism 
  • harmony 
  • tolerance 
  • creative self-expression 
  • philanthropy
  • healing
  • optimism 
  • justice
  • human welfare
  • a harmonious home
  • an ideal society and environment

7 Row headings (Steps) 

7 Column headings (Chakras)

plus 49 intersections of the two

We end up with 63 discussion points.

The numerology of number 63 is very exciting to us.  

63 is a vision for global well-being, able to estimate future conditions affecting humankind by extrapolating trends and effects from current and past conditions.  The energy tends to be creative in the pursuit of its ideals, trying this and that to see which works best.  It is worldly and sophisticated and has a global consciousness.  63 donates funds and its own time and resources to make progress toward fulfillment of its vision.


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