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Shift Your Perspective

  • We chose videos that would lay the foundation for elevating your energy in body, mind and spirit.
  • We promise that if you make it through the 30-day challenge you will never be the same.
  • As you watch each video keep an open mind and an open heart and form your own ideals.
  • Gather your friends and loved ones to watch them together.
  • Get ready to blow your minds.



for 30 days 

and notice your TRANSITION
to a whole new perspective.

Go ahead!

Pick a video
and get started!

Click on any one of the growing number of videos below to elevate your energy.

Elevate Your Energy!

  • We believe we have found some of the brightest youtube minds alive today.
  • We chose youtube videos that illustrate some of the concepts that have inspired this program.
  • Post comments on your on the pages below each video and get this conversation going!