Hubs of Connection


 Highest Universal Blueprint
Oneness Model 

Lead the Global Well-Being Movement

Our leaders elevate their E.Q. or emotional intelligence and help others do the same.

Our leaders offer a new social structure that fully utilizes the latest discoveries concerning human well-being.

Using our variety of formats for connection our leaders will be equipped to organize a "hub" of connection in their local area, offering workshops, think tanks, and one-to-one coaching and linking into online discussions with the Global Well-Being community.

Leadership Training


Organize and lead workshops in your local area as an extension of Global Well-Being.  Choose your favorite workshop and start from there.  We help you find potential members.  As more leaders join you, your "hub" can offer more than one workshop.


If you enjoy cooking for groups and hosting dinners, the cooking class format might be the option for you.  Once you are certified we advertise and set up classes in your local area.



Learn to teach webinars using our materials and content.  We help you find your potential students.

Get the training you need to be

fully equipped to lead in your local area.

  • Every church, workplace, school, or gym can be a location where workshops and collaborations can gather.
  • We provide the training and materials to conduct local workshops for each of the seven levels of well-being.
  • Start now to be our representative at your church, your school, your workplace or your gym.


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Earn credits for your participation in the discussion.

What would it take to prove that:

“Where belonging starts, corruption ends”?

What concrete data can we gather and how?

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